A digital performance and  360-degree agency 

A digital performance and  360-degree agency 

High Performance 360° Digital Marketing Agency

Digimaze is a digital transformation agency aiming to cater specifically to all your needs while taking your brand’s revenue to a whole new level.

Through our services you will be able to scale your business and achieve your desired benchmarks, owning the digital space.

An amazing team of 120 people working on 100+ brands across D2C, Gaming, BFSI, & more.

Digimaze has been a great support and guidance for us. The team works with utmost enthusiasm, zeal, and harmony. They have helped us by giving us a standing foundation and directing us in the right direction. We would like to suggest Digimaze to all businesses.

Vishal Sharma

“We were able to work our way precisely through the digital space with Digimaze’s management. Definite supervision with which the team is working has been a helping hand in this competitive market. We at LoveLocal appreciate their efforts and are very grateful for all the time each team member puts in.”

Love Local

A team that works with absolute co-operation is how I would describe Digimaze. They have advised and helped us in every step. Their analytical approach & audience understanding has helped our business scale to new heights.


“Digimaze has assisted us with their proficiency in creating something unique. I am glad that Urban Tribe has this efficient team working backhand and providing phenomenal results. I would recommend Digimaze if you want to grow your brand and most importantly, want an energetic and young team who will always be working towards your company’s success.”

Chandan Sawera
Urban Tribe

“Digimaze is a fantastic agency to work with, everyone is extremely professional and proactive, with any challenges being met with immediate solutions. SKO has benefited substantially from their superior performance marketing skills. Having other ancillary services like website development, social media management etc further reduces pressures from a brand from co-ordinating with various agencies”


Digmaze offered their well-defined expertise and innovation when it came to Superkicks. Given we operate in a niche industry they will adapt and tweak their  approach for us. The results they delivered were better than my expectations.”

Sangeet Paryani

Digimaze Marketing is a highly skilled digital marketing firm specializing in performance marketing. They have a staff of digital marketing experts who are the best in the field and are always eager to put forth their best effort. We’ve been collaborating with them for a while now, and to date, we have had no complaints; however, their proactivity has always impressed us. We are glad our brand is in their hands.”

Anish Basu
Tagzz Food

“Digimaze has a team of experienced specialists who can help you with your digital marketing plans and provide you with the best advice. They can assist you in generating leads, increasing ROI, increasing traffic, and establishing a solid brand. I would highly recommend Digimaze.”

Zero Risq

With a goal of expanding to meet a specific consumer niche, we knew digital was our best bet at reaching our target customers with our offering, and that’s exactly what Digimaze helped us accomplish. Through their specialised expertise, we now stand in a rapidly growing position.”

Akshai Varde

Partnering with Digimaze was one of our most profitable decisions till date. Right from the get go, their team utilised insights, data and applied themselves analytically to curate some of the best results we’ve seen. We highly recommend joining hands with Digimaze to any brand looking to expand its reach online.”

Darsh Mehta
Harrisons bags
“ Digimaze has been a great support and guidance for us. The team works with utmost enthusiasm, zeal, and harmony. They have helped us by giving us a standing foundation and directing us in the right direction. We would like to suggest Digimaze to all businesses. ”
Arun Menon


Performance Marketing

We believe in delivering revenue-generating Marketing solutions for all of our clients.

Graphic and Creative Designing

Whether its designing posts for your social media or making creatives for Performance Ads, our team of creative designers are here to solve all your needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone knows that getting ranked on the first page of a Search Engine is extremely good for your business, but to rank high for specific keywords is an art and our SEO team can deliver those results.

Web Design & Development

Our team of Front End and Backend developers is here to make sure that your website is up and running as fast as possible while keeping your business's KPIs in mind.

Email, SMS and Whatspp Marketing

In the world of eCommerce, having a high retention rate is extremely important. our team of experts help you with retain your customers

Social Media Marketing

Staying relevant and connected with your audience is crucial for building the brand loyalty of your customers. Using the right platforms and strategy our team helps you stay connected to your customers.

Influencer Marketing

Low engagement and low retention rate are some of the common problems brand faces while growing. Having the right Influencer for your brand can solve these problems.

Marketplace Service

Just like selling on your own website is beneficial. Brands shouldn't focus only on one channel. Amazon and Flipkart are some of the Marketplaces that help brands generate positive ROI.

Here is how we scale your business

Improved retention rate

Using our creativity to channel and build custom digital solutions, we provide an array of solutions to ensure customers keep coming back for more.

Higher average order value

We elevate the shopping experience to a whole new level right from when they land on the page to the checkout, enticing them to purchase more.

Increased conversion rate

Our campaigns backed by experience, technical know-how and adaptiveness enable us to strike the right chord with customers and boost your conversions.

Higher brand recall

Our targeting coupled with our content strategy helps boost your online presence and allows your brand recall to skyrocket.

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