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Take a moment to think about the sheer amount of advertising a person sees on a daily basis. From social media feeds to website banners, marketing is absolutely everywhere. The demands for attention are constant and unending.  This is why eye-catching, elegant, and persuasive design is crucial and is what separates successful marketing efforts from everything else bombarding your prospective customer online. 

How do creatives impact your marketing efforts?

As the competition on social media increases, it can become increasingly difficult to grab the attention of potential customers. The only way to win is to persuade your target audience to interact and engage with your advertisement, especially people who may already be tired of a stream of good and bad offers. 

The art of stopping the user from skipping

Another reason to make interesting and eye-catching ads is: skipping. It is easier than ever for users to skip ads that they do not want to see. Having good eye-catching ads is the only thing that can pause fingers, catch eyeballs and make users listen to you through your ads, till the end.

Gallery of some of the best performing creatives.

Why is it important to stick to Brand guidelines?

Design in marketing is more than the logo, images, and fonts that make up your brand identity. It is the sum of all parts that connect your company to your brand and ultimately to any potential customer.

Check this before and after image with and without using the brand style guide.

Design drives Conversion

Your customers can tell the difference between good design and bad design. Striking, clean, compelling design elements empower the little voice in your customer’s head that’s saying ‘I can trust this brand’.

Design makes your product visible

Creating eye-catching designs and persuasive designs are the only things saving your creatives from being lost in the endless sea of marketing an average person sees today.

Creatives that convert vs Creatives that engage

With a little planning, a creative can be designed to raise engagement with your brand, get comments, or even generate content from users. Similarly a creative can also be created to generate leads or push conversions. Without proper planning creatives, though eye-catching and attractive, would fail to generate any sort of tangible benefit to the business. This is why it is important to have a clear understanding and strategy for all creatives.

Creative used to increase brand engagement and connect with the audience.

Creative used to increase sales and conversions.

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