With Mumbai finally getting the sneaker culture in their own back yard, Superkicks kicked off their launch in a spectacular fashion. The opening of Superkicks demolished the conventional walls put up by branded sneaker showrooms. This let in the sneaker culture and global trends for all obsessors of good pairs of kicks.

They tasted success as expected, but innovation is needed to stay relevant. We got them on board initially for just web development but later roped them in for performance marketing as well. We were able to construct a sound and efficient website which brought their maintenance costs down by 61% and performed more smoothly. Their SEO requirements were fulfilled, creating an influx of traffic, 33% more than they regularly experience on a daily basis. We both have mutual goals which is to reach our audience and fulfil the niche of sneakers.

The Digi Maze team told me to believe in their results, not their words, and they sure hit their mark.” ~Sangeet