We helped Timbresonic slash their RTO by 70%, obtain a CPC of 11.9 and a conversion rate of 6.91%

About Timbresonic 

Timbresonic is a high-end audio and electronics brand dedicated to capturing the pure spirit of music. The range of well-designed, reliable and trendy products they deliver has helped them gain millions of satisfied customers. 




Performance Marketing, Web Design & Development, Social Media Marketing


2021 – Present

What was Timbresonic looking for?

Reduction in potential RTO

Achieve a sustainable conversion rate

Trust and brand building

What did Digimaze achieve for them?


Reduction in RTO




Conversion rate



How did Digimaze accomplish this?

Vertical scaling

Prior to kickstarting the brand’s launch, we tested the waters along with our deep audience segmentation. Post that, we scaled up the campaigns and increased the budget of the best-performing ad sets, while also ensuring an overlap is avoided.

Leveraged retargeting

By enticing our previously engaged audience, we specially targeted them with exclusive, time-sensitive offers.

Website optimisation

We continuously tested and measured the effectiveness of different website landing pages until we recorded a consistent, positive impact on the conversion rate.

Harped on prepaid methods

To further improve on reducing RTO, we installed a third-party system and after extensive testing, we reduced the RTO by 70% and boosted our prepaid to COD order ratio.

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