We helped Ergon achieve a CPC of 10, a conversion rate of 2.08% and a ROAS of 3.04

About Ergon 

Ergon Style deals with an impressive shoe collection for men; each shoe is made with authentic German Technology that uses Injection Molding techniques. This makes the shoes more durable and comfortable without any compromise. Each shoe is created with precision and features benefits like slip resistance, cushioned soles, arch support and more. 




Performance Marketing, Web Design & Development


2022 – Present

What was Ergon looking for?

Sustainable ROAS

Audience connection

Reduction in CPC

What did Digimaze achieve for them?




Conversion Rate



How did Digimaze accomplish this?

Audience analysis

We overhauled the TG for Ergon, broke down the core audience behaviour and analysed which product would perform best based on these factors, ensuring a higher conversion rate.

Catalogue revamp

By identifying certain designs, USPs, relatability based on our audience behaviours and a series of other insights, we were able to pinpoint which products would best perform and made adjustments to our catalogue and website accordingly.

Boosted brand reach

Through our in-house creative prowess, we were able to curate a series of statics, GIFs and videos that cater to the needs and wants of our audience for an increase in brand awareness and growth in the overall business.

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