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Add infinite scrolling to your homepage and increase the conversion rate

Infy-scroller by digimaze

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Infy-scroller creates infinite scrolling which is a user experience (UX) practice in which content continually loads when a user reaches the bottom of the page. This creates the experience of an endless flow of information on a single, seemingly never-ending page. Infy-scroller is designed to boost user engagement and keep viewers on the page for as long as possible. If visitors have no particular goal in mind, infinite scrolling will continue to roll out relevant content in a way that is efficient, digestible, and interruption-free.


Easy to use

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Supports most themes

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Reduces Bounce rate

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What our users have to say
Impacting all the industries through Infy-Scroller

Projects Watches

Great little app that works right out-of-the-box.Developer team is knowledgeable to help you implement it in your theme.

A Lost Cause

Worked out the box, but when I contacted their support asking if it could be modified to be a 'Load More' button they sent me instructions to update the code, and it works perfectly! Thanks so much.

Nooi Jewelry

5 stars!!!! This guys are amazing!!! If you have collections with many items this is the best choice, simple to install and also very good! Very very simple just 1 click I had a small trouble and they fix in no time!

Scouse Shop

Installed in seconds and works exactly how it should do. Thank you very much appreciated - just what I was looking for! store.

Nancy Store

So far the best app that can give you such a great control for your shopify store.

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