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Our Vision

At Digimaze we aim to sustainably scale businesses beyond all e-commerce benchmarks.




As, The Salesman- Engineer duo is regarded as one of the finest co-founders team duos in the world of Entrepreneurship.
Vatsal Rajgor is Co-founder, Director & CEO Expert in salesmanship, Management and Financial skills. He believes in attention to detail and that sweet spot between strategy and execution.
Poojan Ajani is Co-founder, Director & CTO dons many hats from performance marketing to Web design and development with the “Fix this, Build that” approach

Director & CEO

Vatsal is an American B-School graduate and former marketing head of two successful businesses, finding utmost adventure in making fresh businesses big through his expertise in Marketing.

Director & CTO

Poojan is an IT Engineer and founder of 2 other startups before DigiMaze. He specializes in Performance Marketing and building cross platform apps to increase efficiency, productivity and revenue of businesses.

Our Story

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  • We began incubation in a tiny shop, like other businesses, with a team of two freelancers offering Web Design & Development as well as SEO capabilities.

  • The Big Day! DigiMaze had just gotten registered and we had started pitching new clients with a team of 5

  • We shifted to a new office with 15 people

  • Amidst the pandemic, online sales and e-commerce skyrocketed and helped us hit a huge milestone of 50 client

  • We shifted to our new office with a workforce of 50 people.

Contact Info
DigiMaze HQ, 704, B2, Boomerang, Yadav Nagar, Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400072
Mon- Fri
10 Am to 7 PM
About Us

We are an Online Marketing and Web Development agency that specializes in Performance Marketing based out in Mumbai, India

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