Every social media marketing company dreams of spreading virality, generating trends and creating a following through the promotion of their own activity. The goal is to create meaningful, valued content.

If your content strategy doesn’t deliver what your audience is looking for, your competitors will, and the hard truth is, you will fall behind. So the question remains, how do you create “valued” content which everybody loves and in return, generate leads, engagement, driving sales and leads?

For starters, instead of your mood of the day or lucky hunch, defining the content you think will resonate with your audience, let’s take a look at 4 content strategies to make your social media marketing game strong. 

User Generated Content (UGC)

For almost any brand, user generated content is an excellent way of increasing engagement. Showing your audience that you are paying attention, creates a warm relationship between new and existing followers.

User generated content can be anything from re-posting a picture from a follower to commenting on certain posts to even sharing quotes or reviews from happy followers.

Although this is an undeniably great way for known brands, smaller brands with smaller followings can’t take full advantage of this.


A great user generated content campaign done by Apple, #ShotOniPhone, which although ended, is a hashtag still being used today.

Takeaways: User generated content is one of the simplest, effective way for brands to engage with their audience. Although smaller brands can do the same, it doesn’t have the same effect as bigger, better known brands.


With the way social media has evolved and how our attention span is decreasing, we often wonder,

“What is the most compelling way to display large amounts of information while also grabbing the attention of our audience?”

User Generated Content

As social media follows the rule of simplicity, the answer is infographics.

Info graphics are eye catching, highly sharable and more engaging. It makes information easier to understand, especially when compared to documents and articles.

If you don’t where to start when making infographics, there are a wide variety of tools online offering ready-made templates, such as Canva, or for more experienced creators, Freepik.

Takeaways: Infographics are highly sharable, informative pictures brands can use to highlight data and drive more engagement on social media.


With the rise in streaming services online such as Spotify, podcasts have been steadily gaining momentum, becoming so popular that some say podcasts is the new radio. The advantages podcasts have over other forms of informative media, such as articles, is that listeners give exclusive attention. Other forms may be prone to distractions and can be listened to about anywhere at any time.

The downside of podcasts are the production that goes into making a single episode. Typically, podcasts last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The time, money and labor going into such has proven quite difficult. In addition, due to the easy access of gaining information in an instant, your audience will expect a timely schedule.

If your brand centers on educating, comedy or even casual discussions, you should think about getting into podcasting.

Takeaway: Podcasts are great ways to get users to listen and to gain new users, provided that the podcast is interesting enough.



Facebook is a platform with over 2.4 billion monthly active users, with the most shared and engaging content being videos and livestreams. In other words, if you want to succeed on video dominated platforms, livestreaming is a must.

Live streaming allowed real time interaction between brand and audience. They are used for almost anything, including exclusive behind the scene, Q&A sessions, fundraisers, teaching viewers the “how to”, interviews, announcements and announcing breaking news.

live streaming

Facebook isn’t the only platform for livestreaming. Youtube and Instagram are highly populated sites which favors livestreams.

User leverage Instagram’s livestreams in particular with “exclusivity”, as once the livestream has ended, it will not be viewable for anyone who has missed out. This factor alone can attract viewers, ensuring they don’t miss out on any livestreams which your brand is hosting.

Takeaway: In order to drive more engagement and help your brand grow, livestreams are a must. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are ideal for general brands.

Producing these types of content is no easy task, but the rewards for doing so are plentiful. Once you have a grasp and understanding of your target audience, you will be able to create favored content and hopefully grow your brand steadily. Ending off, there is an important rule of social media marketing which should be following; “keep it simple”.

If you’re still unconvinced or unsure about these 4 content strategies, take a look at some hard data. The numbers don’t lie.

UGC content receives 28% more engagement than brand posts.

Infographics have a 650% higher engagement rate than text only posts.

UGC content